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Selling a house that you have designed and built can be extremely stressful. We sold our house without the stress normally associated with such an undertaking. We really loved the house, its location, but most of all its inclusive functionality. We managed avoid that stress and that was directly related to the professionalism of our agents.
It is difficult to express in words professionalism. But that ability to apply in your business dealings the three “FFF’s” is what separates Mark from many if not all other Real Estate agents. He was “Firm” in outlining the various issues related to the laws and the rules that applied to a sale. He was “Fair” in his application of the rules in order to protect the seller and buyer outlining the various legal conditions that would protect us. Lastly he was “Friendly” as he sat at the table not as an agent but as a friend who was supporting a friend that was making major life changing decision. I highly recommend any seller or buyer seeking Mark as your agent.

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